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Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning & Care

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A carpet care maintenance programme is recommended to enhance the appearance of your carpets. It protects your floor covering investment and your carpets warranty.

Price Guide:-

Heavily soiled carpets – £1.25 per square metre
Medium soiled carpets – £1.15 per square metre
Lightly soiled carpets – £1.05 per square metre
(minimum call-out charge: £50.00)
Upholstery (title)
Office chairs – £7.50 each
(minimum call out charge: £50.00)


Office chairs – £7.50 each
(minimum call out charge: £50.00)





  • The technology used in our carpet cleaning & upholstery machines is the best on the market place. Our Dry Fusion machines allow us to clean carpets – removing stains our competitors struggle with.
  • We use a simple but effective method:
    • After a thorough vacuuming, the Dry Fusion machine, with its high temperature and air blower, transmits thermal energy and drying power through to the pre-soaked cleaning pads to the carpet.
    • Heat applied to the “Activator” cleaner and protector solution creates a thermal reaction, which dramatically improves cleaning, stain blocking and drying performance – particularly on greasy oily soils. The chemical reaction floats away greasy soils and remaining dirt so that it can be collected in the pads – they are not placed back in the clean solution.
    • Carpets will be dry within 30 minutes and can be walked on immediately, causing minimal disruption to you as a customer.
    • Another key benefit of the Dry Fusion system is its deodorising effect. Through the use of vanilla and orange extracts carpets are left smelling fresh and clean.
    • The “Activator” solution contains both a Stain Protector and a Stain blocking agent. Carpets stay cleaner longer and resist stains. Because the fibre is effectively “non-stick” when you DRY FUSION clean, vacuuming removes more soil, plus the vacuum cleaner is easier to push.
  • Our Dry Fusion system is also environmentally friendly because unlike a wet extraction machine, there are no tanks of water / chemical to be disposed of.  We simply launder our pads and reuse.

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