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Window Cleaning


We currently use 3 systems when window cleaning depending on the location of the glass:

  • Fed Window memberTraditional window cleaning using a mop and squeegee. This gives the best results to windows at ground level.
  • Fall- arrest or abseiling (above 65 feet)
  • ISO 14001- compliant Reach wash system, using ionised pure water (to 65 feet)
  • Licensed by relevant local authorities to carry out works
  • Reach & Wash system using the water fed pole. This system uses purified water and a brush to clean the windows. We can use this system up to a 5th floor level meaning there is no need for ladders to be used.
  • Pad system. This system is best suited to office / internal environments where we aim to avoid dripping water. The windows are mopped using a microfiber wash pad sprayed with ionised water then cleaned using a microfiber cleaning pad. This system is suitable for use where windows are located next to computer / electrical equipment.
  • Our water fed pole system is environmentally friendly as it uses ionised water without the need for additional chemicals.
  • Our operatives are certified for ‘Cleaning Windows Safely’ accredited by IOSH.
  • We are licensed by relevant local authorities to carry out works.
  • We are accredited by the ‘Federation of Window Cleaners’.
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